Radio Monitoring & Surveillance Solutions

Innovative solutions for radio monitoring and  information processing


This department specializes in radio monitoring, direction finding and locating radio transmitters including visualisation of results on maps. The technology is used in the HF, VUHF and SHF frequency bands.


For the processing of information, MEDAV also offers tools for signal and content analysis, both for radio signals and for documents of different nature such as audio and text documents.


Own high-performing receivers complete the spectrum of the radio signal analysis.


For a coherent picture - situation report - and reporting, MEDAV also offers systems for information fusion and sensor networking in order to process and merge the incoming information appropriately. High-level reports are the result of our systems.


Thus, MEDAV covers the entire spectrum of the information cycle.


A stable high technical level is guaranteed by a high internal R & D portion of 20% as well as through close cooperation and research projects with universities.


Data and signal flow