OC-6040 - Analysis Workstation for Transmission Methods

OC-6040 Saab Medav Technologies



OC-6040 is a configurable multi-channel work place solution for enhanced detailed signal analysis.


It supports more than 200 different algorithms for demodulation and decoding. It is characterized by numerous analysis and processing functions as well as by its flexible integration in any workstation environment.


OC-6040 is used by experts worldwide to determine characteristics, technical parameters and content of communication signals.


  • Narrowband signal analysis
  • More than 200 methods for demodulation and decoding
  • Interactive bit-stream analysis
  • OFDM signals
  • Signal generator for detailed analysis
  • Open interface for user-owned demodulators and decoders


  • Radio monitoring
  • Signal analysis
  • Demodulation
  • Decoding
  • Narrowband
  • Signal generator
  • Signal recording
  • Transmission methods
  • Bit-stream analysis
  • Modulation type