MEDAV CrackMaster

Non-destructive component testing in the serial production by acoustic resonance methods

CrackMaster System

The acoustic resonance method is a technology for non-destructive component testing of elastic bodies. This technology allows quick and automatic testing and judgement of only physical component characteristics at good investment and operational costs.


The CrackMaster system measures resonance frequencies of components. The component vibrations are stimulated by a pulse or slide. The quality characteristics are computed from the resonance frequencies. The measurements are quick, reproducible and objective.


  • Automatic, objective and fast quality monitoring
  • Adaption to process drift (Chameleon method)
  • Connection to press control possible

Fields of application

CrackMaster detects and analyses quality relevant component characteristics, e.g.

  • Cracks 
  • Cavities
  • Constrictions
  • Trimming faults
  • Hardness differences
  • Inhomogenities
  • Unbalances