NVH - Industrial Noise & Vibration Testing

Solutions for End of Line Testing (EOL), early stage damage recognition and non destructive component testing in mass production

NVH concentrates on industrial tasks associated with quality inspection and machinery monitoring, together with related technical design sectors.

We analyse vibrations, which are measured as airborne noise or structure-borne noise.


Our highly qualified and experienced engineers  provide support our clients with a complete range of system technology and services for vibration analysis.


We offer solutions for:

  • Measurements (end of line testing) on "rotating machinery" including internal
    combustion enginestransmission systems, electric motors, components with drive mechanisms such as steering support modules, seat structures, air conditioning systems and white goods. NVH tests.
  • Early stage damage recognition
  • Non-destructive component testing on volume production items by means of acoustic resonance testing, for use by forging companies, foundries, sintering companies and producers of ceramics
  • Process monitoring for stamping, pressing, hydro forming, automatic jointing machines and manually or automatically produced cable connectors