Saab Medav Technologies GmbH - High Quality Signal Processing

Saab Medav Technologies GmbH - Your partner for digital signal processing, direction finding systems, radio monitoring, vibration analysis, information processing and industrial testing


Saab Medav Technologies GmbH was founded in 1982 and is a successful company based in Uttenreuth and Ilmenau, Germany.

We offer solutions from the single product to the system within the complete signal processing chain.

Our technology, systems and solutions will be placed in the areas of security and communications engineering, measurement and industrial testing.


Our product range can be found in the areas:

RMS - Radio Monitoring & Surveillance Systems

  • Signal processing, signal analysis
  • Radio monitoring
  • Wideband technology
  • Direction finding
  • Speech technology

BIS - Business & Intelligence Solutions

  • Mass data processing
  • Intelligence cycle
  • Information fusion

Industrial Noise and Vibration Testing

  • Industrial measurement and testing systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Vibration analysis
  • Non-destructive component testing