ADA - Compact Solution for Automatic Detection and Acquisition

ADA - Automatic Detection and Acquisition



ADA is a workplace solution for fast and automatic wideband radio monitoring in HF.


ADA consists of one receiver and one notebook for processing of the radio signal. With its total weight of less than 10 kg, it can be used as mobile or semi-mobile solution.


HF antennas are connected to the receiver – both light-weight and large antennas can be used. From the wideband signal, up to 10 narrowband channels can be analysed simultaneously.



  • Wideband radio monitoring in HF
    (100 kHz - 30 MHz)
  • Stationary or mobile use
  • Automated processing of radio signals
  • High-performing technology for wideband monitoring
  • Large variety of demodulators / decoders for
    narrowband processing
  • Storage of wideband and narrowband signals


  • Radio acquisition
  • Automatic processing 
  • Wideband
  • Narrowband
  • Signal recording
  • HF, VUHF